What is a Clean Sheet in Soccer?

What is a Clean Sheet in Soccer

In soccer, a clean sheet occurs when one team prevents the other team from scoring. Some soccer games are low scoring, but stopping the opposing team from scoring ultimately comes down to the goalie. In recognition of how often they didn’t allow a score during the season, goalies receive a special award. What is the … Read more

What is a Condor in Golf?

What is a Condor in Golf

The people who made this shot are rare, so how do you go about attempting this shot? This is a complete breakdown of what a condor is in golf! When Did the First Condor Occur? The first official condor shot was taken by Larry Bruce in 1962. It was a 480-yard shot over the trees … Read more

What is a Charge in Basketball?

What is a Charge in Basketball

What is a Charge in Basketball? A basketball charge occurs when a player runs into a defensive player with an established position in the frontcourt. This foul is similar to a blocking foul, which occurs when a defensive player improperly sets up beneath the basket, preventing an offensive player from making a play. You can … Read more

What Does QAB Mean in Baseball?

What Does QAB Mean in Baseball

In today’s baseball, advanced metrics are used to measure numerous achievements. A pitcher’s WHIP, a player’s WAR, and a hitter’s OPS are just a few examples of baseball statistics. The stats calculate the effectiveness of an individual’s performance, not necessarily what they do to help a team achieve their goals. Today, advanced stats dominate discussion … Read more