2023 Anticipation: Predicting the Outcomes of All Manchester United EPL Matches until Year’s End

Although the English Premier League (EPL 2023) ends in May 2024, it is amazing how far Manchester United have come. Many fans wonder how far Manchester United will go this season and what they should expect in future matches.

The expectation in performance of Manchester United for next year will be shaped by how they perform in the remaining games of 2023. With Gernacho spiking the confidence with a bicycle kick in their last match against Everton, what can you expect from Man Utd in their remaining games for 2023?

This post will uncover the predictions for the remaining Man Utd games in 2024. As a fan or a bettor, this might be the post you need to shape your expectations or earn some real cash rewards.

Best Manchester United Prediction for Remaining EPL matches  in the Year 2023

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Football predictions today are a significant part of the sport. As an enthusiastic fan or someone looking to earn some cash, accessing the list of the most accurate football predictions from this site can shape your expectations from Manchester United football matches.

Newcastle United Vs. Manchester United

In the past 5 matches that Manchester Utd played against Newcastle, the Red Devils won 1 game, 2 draws, and lost  2 times. Note that 3 of the 5 games were played on Man Utd’s home ground.

In this season, both teams have displayed a very good edge and competitive form, which have earned them the 6th and 7th position on the table. However, Man Utd seems to be lacking in goals and will likely be playing for a win to get into the top 5 position in the league.

But what are their chances against Newcastle, who beat them 3 to 0 in the Carabao Cup this season? Newcastle have also won against top contenders like Arsenal and will likely repeat victory in their next game against Manchester Utd. So, the best bet for Manchester United is to stall them, push for a draw, and counterattack when the opportunity presents itself. But, it will undoubtedly be a difficult game for them and their fans worldwide.

Manchester United Vs. Chelsea

In the past 5 matches that Manchester Utd played against Chelsea, the Red Devils have just 1 win and drew the remaining 4. However, their last win against Chelsea was a 4:1. This showcases a mismatch, and given the current boost in morale, Man Utd will likely win against Chelsea or score at least 2 goals. It’s at Old Trafford; they cannot afford to lose.

The loss of one of Chelsea’s major defensive players, Wesley Fofana, to injury might also be one of the major factors that might influence the outcome of the match. It might also tilt the trajectory of the gameplay to favor Man Utd, especially since they got fast strikers and playmakers like Gernacho and Rashford.

Manchester United Vs. Bournemouth

Man Utd won 4 of their last 5 football matches against Bournemouth and never lost any game at Old Trafford. Also, given their display of talent in the last match against Everton and their overall past 5 EPL performance, Man Utd is on a row to attain peak form. Hence, the win in this match against Bournemouth at Old Trafford should be an easy steal for Man Utd.

Also, the past few matches against Bournemouth have been an utter show of dominance as they had more possession, more attempted shots on goals, and created more winning chances.

Liverpool Vs. Manchester United

The rivalry between Liverpool and Man Utd is an unending one. Regardless of how well Man Utd has performed in any of their last games, the Devils must also face their demons. And in this case, it just might be hard to tell how well they’d perform against Liverpool.

The Liverpool Vs. Man Utd match kicks off on December 17th at Liverpool’s home ground. This increases the game’s difficulty for Man Utd, considering how Liverpool wiped the floor with Man Utd with a 7:0 at Anfield in their last encounter. Also, Liverpool have won 3 of their last 5 matches against Manchester United with a distasteful goal differential.

West Ham Vs. Manchester United 

The two most recent matches between both clubs played in 2023 were won by Man United. So, the expectation from this match will be that the Devils win especially since they might have already lost to Liverpool or drawn at best.

Since the match is played at West Ham’s home ground, Man Utd can expect that West Ham will put up a real fight to not concede or lose, but Man Utd might just be as prepared and ready to take that win to move up the table.

Manchester United Vs. Aston Villa

In the past five matches Man Utd played against Aston Villa, they won 2, drew 2 and lost 1. The two games Man Utd won were at Old Trafford. However, it was still a struggle.

As a result, this game’s outcome might be difficult to foresee or predict because whether they win or lose will be determined by players’ morale, which is in turn, determined by team form and previous match outcomes.

Nottingham Forest Vs. Manchester United

Man Utd’s play against Nottingham Forest might be an easy steal for them, a morale booster, and sure 3 points that take them up the table. Note that Man Utd have won all their past 5 games against Nottingham.

We’d expect nothing less than 2 goals in this game and a sure win from Man Utd to wrap up the year for Man Utd fans.


While Manchester United did not get a good start to the EPL 2023, they are now picking up the pace with amazing performance, display of skills, and plausible match outcomes that might get them to become major contenders for this season. 

However, it’s obvious that they still have a lot of obstacles in their way, and the outcome of many of their matches for the rest of the year will determine what their fans can expect from them next year. We’ve provided a list of the most accurate football predictions that can help you guard your expectations or help you earn some cash depending on how you use this information.

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