2023 Anticipation: Predicting the Outcomes of All Manchester United EPL Matches until Year’s End

EPL Matches

Although the English Premier League (EPL 2023) ends in May 2024, it is amazing how far Manchester United have come. Many fans wonder how far Manchester United will go this season and what they should expect in future matches. The expectation in performance of Manchester United for next year will be shaped by how they … Read more

What is a Clean Sheet in Soccer?

What is a Clean Sheet in Soccer

In soccer, a clean sheet occurs when one team prevents the other team from scoring. Some soccer games are low scoring, but stopping the opposing team from scoring ultimately comes down to the goalie. In recognition of how often they didn’t allow a score during the season, goalies receive a special award. What is the … Read more

How Much Do College Football Coaches Make?

How Much Do College Football Coaches Make?

There are currently over 300 college football coaches who are paid salaries ranging from $200,000-$400,000 per year, according to the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). The average salary is around $300,000. This number seems high because some schools pay their head coaches considerably less than this amount. For example, the median salary … Read more