How Many Tennis Balls Fit in a Limo, Plane & Bus?

How many tennis balls fit in a limo? A limo can fit about 125,000 tennis balls. In this article, we’ll be explaining in detail the number of tennis balls that will fit into a limousine. Note: All of our measurements are inaccurate because we do not have precise measurements. 

What To Be Considered Before Calculations

The first thing we need to know is the volume of the interior of the object. Also, we need to pay attention to things inside the object that can accommodate the tennis ball. Because of its spherical shape, a tennis ball cannot be accommodated completely in the available space of an object. There will definitely be some space between the tennis balls. Thus, keep in mind that this might take up a quarter of the space.

The spherical shape of the tennis ball also means that not every space will be able to accommodate the ball perfectly. There has to be some space in between the packed tennis balls.

How Big Is A Tennis Ball?

In order to find the volume of a tennis ball, we must first find its volume. Tennis balls are spherical in shape, so the volume of a sphere is;

The volume of a sphere = 4/3πr3

Considering that tennis balls are a couple of inches in length, let’s assume that a tennis ball is 2 inches long. The radius of a tennis ball is half its diameter. So, the radius is 1-inch. 4/3 as a decimal is approximately 1.3 as 3 goes into 4 once with a leftover of 1/3. Since π = 3.14, we can say it’s 3 as a whole number.

Using the formulae;

Volume = 4/3πr3

Volume = 1.3*3*(1)3

Volume = 3.9*(1)3

So, volume is equal to 3.9 cubic inches. If we approximate it, it’s 4 cubic inches. A tennis ball has a volume of 4 cubic inches.

From our intuition, a limo should be roughly equal in height and width as a car, measuring 1.5 meters and 2 meters respectively. Knowing that a limo is longer than a regular car, a limo shouldn’t be longer than 10 meters.

Let’s quickly convert these figures into inches. We’ll have;

10 metres in length = 800 inches

2 metres in width = 80 inches

1.5 metres in height = 60 inches

Now, let’s input these figures into the formulae.

Volume = L × W× H

Volume = 800 × 80 × 60

Volume = 32000 × 60

Volume = 1,500,000 cubic inches

Consider the fact that the boot, all the seats, the bonnet, and the shape of the chassis might take up half of the available space. Therefore, the available volume is 750,000 cubic inches. Let’s take another quarter off for the spherical shape of the tennis ball. This gives us approximately 500,000 cubic inches.

We can determine the number of tennis balls that will fit into a limo by dividing the volume of the limo (500,000 cubic inches) by the volume of a tennis ball (4 cubic inches);

500,000/4 = 125,000. Now, we can say that 125,000 tennis balls will fit in a limousine.

How Many tennis balls will fit in A Car?

Taking a car as an example, let’s say it is about 1.5m tall, 5m long, and 2m wide. That’s when we consider the fact that cars come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. In order to figure out how many tennis balls will fit into a car, we must measure in inches. So, let’s begin!

5 metres in length = 200 inches

2 metres wide = 80 inches

1.5 metres in height = 60 inches

o, following the formulae for the area of a cuboid which is L × W × H.

Volume = L × W × H

Volume = 200 × 80 × 60

Volume = 16,000 × 60

Volume = 750,000 cubic inches

Don’t forget to consider the tires, the irregular shape of the chassis, the boot, car seats, and the bonnet. So, let’s say they all take up half of the car. Our new volume is 375,000 cubic inches.

In addition, the nature of a spherical shape dictates that there must be space between the balls. Considering that, we can say they occupy 1/4 of the available space. As a result, the car has a volume of about 280,000 cubic inches. So, the total number of tennis balls is 280,000 (volume of a car) divided by 4 (volume of a tennis ball), which is approximately 70,000. That is, 70,000 tennis balls will fit into a regular car.


How many golf balls can you fit in a limo?

You get 660,000 golf balls when you divide 2.5 cubic inches by 1.6 million cubic inches. As there are seats in there occupying space, and since golf balls are spherical, there will be considerable empty space between them when stacked, round down to 500,000 golf balls.

How many tennis balls can fit in a plane?

The volume of the tennis ball would be 47.916πcm^3. After dividing the volume of the airplane by the volume of the tennis ball, we arrive at 688,705. Therefore, we can fit approximately 688,705 tennis balls in a Boeing 747.

How many tennis balls can fit in a bus?

6349 tennis balls x 692.7 = 4,397,952 tennis balls. This is theoretical. There will be space between the balls, as well as blank spaces here and there.

How many tennis balls fit in a shopping cart?

The cart can hold up to 325 regular size tennis balls.

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