Kauffman Stadium Fountains

Kauffman Stadium has always been a popular place to host events. From baseball games to NASCAR races, this stadium is one of the best places to hold any type of sports gathering. However, when it comes to holding concerts and other large gatherings of people, there aren’t many venues that can compare with this one.

In fact, over the years, the stadium has undergone a number of renovations. In 2006, the stadium got a major facelift after getting a $350 million renovation. One of the changes made was the addition of two stunning fountains. These were designed by the world-renowned firm Gensler.

The result is something spectacular. The water features consist of 32 jets which create an array of different shapes. These include circles, spirals, and even waves. There are also LED lights to illuminate them at night.

What Baseball Stadium Has a Waterfall?

If you’re looking to enjoy your time in Kauffman Stadium, you should know that there’s a lot more than just baseball games taking place at the venue. There are also fountains. You can visit these amazing structures by visiting the Kansas City Royals website.

Kauffman Stadium Fountains
Kauffman Stadium Fountains

There are actually two different fountains located in the park. The first one is the Fountain of Dreams. This fountain was designed to be reminiscent of a baseball field. And it does look like a real ballfield, doesn’t it?

Another interesting feature of the stadium is the waterfalls that are found on the roof. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the falls have a very similar appearance to a set of stairs.

The second fountain that you can find in the park is the Fountain of Youth. This structure is much smaller than the other two, but it still looks quite impressive. It has a beautiful design that makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the past.

Is Kauffman Stadium in Kansas or Missouri?

You might have heard that Kauffman Stadium is located in Kansas City, but you’re probably wondering where it actually is. Well, the stadium is actually located in Kansas. The question of whether or not it’s in Missouri comes down to how you define the state. If you look at the map, you’ll notice that the stadium is in the middle of the state. However, there are two other cities in the area with the same name.

One of these cities is in Missouri and the other is in Kansas. So, you can’t really say that it’s in either of them without looking it up. You should check online to find out exactly where the stadium is before you go there.

If you want to know more about the history of Kauffman Stadium, then read the article below. It will tell you everything you need to know about the building.

In 1927, a group of businessmen decided to build the first professional baseball park in Kansas City. They wanted to create something that would be different from all of the existing parks in America.

Why Is It Named Kauffman Stadium?

If you live in Kansas City, Missouri, you might be familiar with the famous Kauffman Stadium. This sports arena was named after Dr. Ewing Kauffman. He was a businessman who helped to create the first baseball team in Kansas City.

When the stadium was built, he wanted to make sure that it would have fountains on all four sides of the field. So, when the stadium opened, the fountains were there to welcome fans into the building.

The name “Kauffman” actually comes from his family’s last name. The word means “well-watered land.” That’s why the fountains are located near the center of the park.

Why Does Kauffman Stadium Use Waterfalls Out in the Distance?

Kansas City is famous for having hundreds of natural springs, and several waterfalls. The Kansas City area is known as the city of fountains, and the Kauffman Stadium played homage to their area. In 2009, the ballpark expanded the waterfall area for more fans to enjoy during a Royals game.

Can Fans Swim in the Water?

It’s a rule that you don’t go into the water tank after a home run. But some fans have. There are plenty of signs around the venue that state it’s illegal to go into the fountains. There are electric wires that can hurt you if you go into the water, so don’t be a fool.

$250 Million Stadium Renovations

Kansas City Chiefs are now the home of the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets and the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. What’s new is the new addition of the fountain view terraces. Now during a baseball game, fans can stand in the outfield or sit in the stands near the water fountains. That was not the case before 2009.

This is the most famous part of the ballpark due to the water creating a pleasant mist that keeps fans refreshed during the warm weather. Many Kansas City Royals fans flock to the Kauffman Stadium Miller Lite Fountain Bar for drinks while watching baseball. It’s an expensive addition to the stadium, but the fountain seats are worth it.

A new outfield concourse connected the stadium completely, a right-field sports bar was built, a left field hall of fame was established, and a kids area was added behind center field. The Royals upgraded their ballpark in addition to making many other improvements to the venue, including reconfiguring the bullpen, building new dugout seats, making a new surface for the warning track, and bringing in new food vendors.

One Known Leak on a Friday Night Baseball Game

There was a leak that occurred from the fountains during a Major League Baseball game against the Cleveland Indians. The leak in the restroom delayed the baseball game for thirty minutes. The ground crew spent the time cleaning up the spill in the warning track with new dirt and sandbags against the wall to stop the leak. It’s time for all of us to act. We’re going to stop this madness, and we’ll take our country back.

Interesting Facts About the Venue

Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium opened in 1973, making it the sixth oldest ballpark still in the game. Since its first season, the venue has hosted two All-Star games and four playoff World Series games. Royals fans will never forget the 2015 World Series victory. When it comes to best of all-time, the 2015 World Series is probably up for debate.


I have to agree with Kauffman Stadium, their water fountains are the best features at any baseball park. The upgrades in 2009 were even more fan-friendly, and the openness to the outfield was the top destination for anyone visiting the venue. If you are planning on visiting the site, you should check out the Kauffman Stadium parking tips.

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