Brewers Sausage Race

Miller Park (Brewers Stadium), is a baseball park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The best baseball team in MLB is the Milwaukee Brewers. Their home park is Miller Park and they play in the Central Division of the American League. It’s a great baseball experience. The stadium has a retractable roof, a Home Run Slide, a fantastic concession stand at American Family Field, and You might also recognize other famous dogs from the book, including The Bichon Frise and The Beagle.

When Did the Milwaukee Sausage Race Begin?

Milwaukee is known as the “Beer Capital of the World.” And while the city does have a lot of great beer, one thing that many people don’t know is that the city also has its own unique version of hot dogs.

In fact, the first official Wisconsin State Fair was held in 1855. This fair featured lots of different foods, including sausages. In fact, the first state fair to feature a sausage-eating contest took place in Milwaukee in 1890.

Since then, the tradition of eating a sausage at the fair has continued every year. The only difference is that the competition has become more competitive than ever before.

Brewers Sausage Race
Brewers Sausage Race

This is because the current reigning champion, Joey Chestnut, has won the title six times. His record stands at 10.5 seconds. However, he’s not the only person who has been able to break the ten second mark. In 2013, Takeru Kobayashi broke his previous record with a time of nine seconds and four tenths of a second.

When Does the Famous Racing Sausages Take Place?

The race, at Miller Park, takes place before the top of the second inning. The runners line up between the dugout and third baseline on the warning track, run to home plate, and finish towards first base. On Sunday afternoon, home games are a great opportunity to see the little “weenie” kids end the game.

What Are the 5 Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages?

Miller Park, in Milwaukee, has five kinds of racing sausages available. The five sausages are Bratwurst, Polish Sausage. Most of the employees of the Brewers go to the race during each baseball game. These sausage costumes are so tall, they make your head look small.

Meet the Brewer Sausage Racers

Each runner who takes part in the race has a unique story. The classics are the Brat, Polish, and Italian, but the Hot Dog and Chorizo. Every runner has a unique story and fan base behind them.


BRAT (known as Bratwurst) was an Olympic athlete who didn’t make it past the trials. The winner of the New York Marathon is the most aggressive of the runners. He tends to start each race off fast but then gradually slows down towards the end.

Polish Sausage

Many years ago, Polish was a high school cross-country coach for many years. He prefers to start each race slowly, but builds up speed as the race progresses. Some people consider him an underdog, but he does not play like it.

The Italian Sausage

The Italian sausage is the perfect character for the stage. They tend to make the race look easy, which may seem as if they aren’t trying. When the crowd cheers louder, he runs faster than any man alive.

The Hot Dog

Hot dogs are real American favorites for all sports fans to enjoy. He trains hard to win races, and fans respect his tradition. He’s just learning to play golf, but generations admire his work ethic. It’s not surprising that the Hot Dog has been so successful.

The Chorizo

This book was written for the man who has been traveling and working out for years and wants to stay healthy by avoiding dangerous situations. He signed a contract with the New York Mets in 2001, but didn’t play a game with them for a year. She got out of breath during her first race, but didn’t seem too tired. From 2006 to the present, The Chorizo has continued to grow its fan base, adding more support each season.

Notable Guest Runners

Most racing events have staff members running the races, but some events have celebrities join the event. You know you have to do something, if only to get out of the house. Besides the celebrities named, there are athletes who have raced for the Green Bay Packers. A small dog running the first-ever sausage race at the Brewers’ spring training camp in 2014 was a fun.

Who Hit the Sausage in Milwaukee?

Believe it or not, an opposing player hit one of the sausages running by with his bat in 2003. Randall Simon was suspended for three games and was issued a $2k fined by Major League Baseball after whacking his bat against the mascot’s heat. It’s worth mentioning that the bat did not hit the employees actual head, but did cause the mascot to fall after it was struct.

Mascot Races and Other Imitators Around the League

The Brewers went to Citizens Bank Park in 2008 for a postseason game, which was their first postseason game since the 1982 World Series. During the fifth inning at Citi Field, three poorly dressed sausages took off during a race towards home plate to mock the Mets. The Phanatic stands at home plate to hit the sausages with a giant plastic bat. He’s the world’s greatest baseball mascot.


What makes the Milwaukee Brewers racing sausage event so special is the backstory behind each racers car. If you’re a fan of the TV game show “The Price is Right,” you’ll want to get this book. If you’re going to see the Yankees baseball team play, make sure you visit the American Family Field parking tips beforehand.

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